Thank you so much for your interest in the Sensus project. Unfortunately the pilot is currently on hold whilst we explore options for funding. This is due to unforeseen budget issues arising from the cost of the sensors.

We believe wholeheartedly in the aims of the project and were thrilled with the support from the community we received. We are actively looking for alternative funding sources to relaunch a pollution monitoring project but we do not know whether this will be successful or how long it might take.

We remain passionate about taking action to improve London’s air and really hope we can work with you again soon to accomplish this.

Best wishes,
The Sensus Team

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A community project about air pollution. Powered by Streamr with Smart Citizen and residents of Lower Clapton.

Invisible air pollution kills over 9,000 people a year in London. Using sensors developed by Smart Citizen, we are creating a pilot project in Lower Clapton, to enable locals to gather and share realtime pollution data. Our aim is to use this data to bring attention to rising air pollution and help effect positive change.

What we are doing

We want to work with local businesses and households in Lower Clapton to understand the most suitable locations to place 40 Smart Citizen sensors in the neighbourhood. The sensors will produce real-time information about particulate levels (PM2.5 and PM10) in the air. If you are interested in hosting a sensor at your home or business, or have a suggestion on where one could be placed, please get in touch.

How can you get involved?

Register below to stay up to date with project developments and news about our community events. We are also looking for people to get involved in specific parts of the campaign, from hosting a sensor through to simply inputting ideas. Read more about getting involved here

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